Driving License Loans?

Unfortunately, it can be a costly affair, and you may not always have the money for it. There are many financing options, among which some driving schools even offer financing. However, depending on one’s finances, it may be a good idea to take a closer look at the many options.


What does a driver’s license cost?

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A driver’s license can cost between 8,000 and 13,000 kroner. This is what we call a unified law package. However, it is often paid in chunks, depending on how far you are in the process. In the case of extra hours, you may need to spend between DKK 350 to 500 extra. You may also find that there are “hidden” expenses such as first aid course and motor certificate (medical certificate for car). This often costs you between 400 and 600 DKK.


Driving license financing

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Jeans can help you when you need a new driver’s license. However, we require you to be 21 and to meet our loan requirements. You have your money as soon as possible and you decide how to spend it. Maybe for a first aid course, maybe for part of your law package – maybe for something completely different.

A micro loan is a good solution when you can pay off the loan quickly. When you borrow from Jeans we offer that you can borrow from 3,000 and up to 20,000 kroner and we make a instant transfer when you are approved. Then you can get out on the roads faster and further in life. If your finances can carry a loan, we help with cheap financing.n If you are under 21, we cannot lend you money. However, you can explore the possibilities that your parents can borrow.