Debt Consolidation

How to Stop the Vicious Circle of Debt

Image result for cycle of debtIt all started when you made a purchase that was a little too expensive for your budget. Then, like a spiral, a loan led to another loan, and so on. You are suddenly drowning in debt. This is how a terrifying new thought comes to mind: what will happen if you never manage to free yourself from your debts? Fortunately, you are not condemned to a life of repayment. Simple strategic steps to free yourself from your debts are within your reach.

1. Do not panic!

Indeed, this may seem obvious to you, but many can not find the way out of debt because panic takes over. Take a deep breath and say that you will FIND the solution to the problem.

2. Take stock of your debts

When your debts begin to accumulate, it’s hard to remember the amount of money you owe to different individuals. As a result, write a detailed list of your debts by specifying the amounts owed, the names of the recipients, the amount paid so far, the amount remaining to be paid, the frequency you have to make the payments and the consequences of the payments. to do late. This process will give you an overall idea of ​​your financial situation and guide you in your future management of your debts.

3. Cut out unnecessary expenses

Obviously, it is best to avoid unnecessary purchases. Determine what expenses could be avoided until the day your debts are paid. This could include luxury or expensive products, entertainment evenings and outings to restaurants. It may be difficult to deprive yourself of these little pleasures, and when the debts are paid you can find them.

4. Analyze your optionsImage result for options

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation means you take a loan big enough to pay all your debts. This will allow you to worry about paying a single loan per month instead of several small loans. It may even be likely to get a better interest rate since you will only have one loan payment to make. In the long run, this will save you money. On the other hand, remember this: do not go spend that money because you now have funds available.

Personal contacts

If it is difficult to make certain payments or you are not able to be a candidate for loans, consider sharing your situation with your family or friends for assistance. This option could take weight off your shoulders until another solution comes into your hands.

Talk to creditors

If you are not able to make regular payments, it is essential to consult a creditor (lender). Many of them have programs that help people who need a longer period of time to make payments. In addition, you should prioritize the payments of the larger additions: the inability to pay them could result in higher fees and damage to your credit.

Going bankrupt

This option should only be considered if you have analyzed all other debt management options. Bankruptcy may require the sale of properties and assets. This is definitely a difficult path to take.

Get out of the vicious circle of debt is asking. On the other hand, by remaining calm and considering all the possible options, it is conceivable to get out of it.