Loans for Weddings

Do you, your partner or you both dream of a big church wedding? It’s quite understandable. Many people look forward to this great day most of their lives, and therefore the day must be something very special.

However, the wedding day is not only a beautiful and amazing day, it is also a very expensive day. However, finances should not be what keeps you from having your dream wedding, which is why we want to help you achieve your dream.

We offer loans for the dream wedding and everything that goes with it

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With us, for example, you can create a quick credit of up to £ 10,000 * if you do not have to cover some of the expenses. We will be happy to help and you can have the credit for as long as you need.

An ongoing credit can also help eliminate many concerns so you don’t have to stress during planning and on the wedding day itself.
A credit is a variable loan, so if you create such a loan of DKK 10,000 *, you can choose how much of this money you want to raise. Thereby you always have a buffer if you should run into some unforeseen expenses.


* Credit example of a DKK 10,000 credit with Tertius Lydgate fully maintained and repaid after fourteen (14) months with a monthly payment of DKK 2,000: A credit of DKK 10,000 has a setup fee of DKK 2,000, an APR of 631 , 57% and a fixed interest rate of 382.15%. The total credit cost is DKK 18,000 and the total repayment amount is DKK 28,000.


Loans for the dream wedding are very popular

money cash

Among other things, a 2017 study has shown that many Danes make quick loans and other types of online loans to pay for things like rings, wedding parties, food and other things.
So if you go around and consider borrowing money for your wedding, then you are not alone. A quick loan can often be what saves your wedding, and it can easily be what gets the last details in place before the big day.


What does a wedding really cost?

What does a wedding really cost?

If you look at the many different searches people make before they get married, then it also becomes very clear that people are looking to save money.
Namely, “cheap wedding” and the like have been searched over 4,000 times on Google over the past year.
So there are many people who think it is expensive to have a wedding and who either need to borrow or save, but what does a wedding really cost?

Here is a list of the most common expenses for a wedding that you can start from:

  • Dress and veil: 7,000 kroner
  • Shoes for brides: 1,000 kroner
  • Hair and makeup: DKK 1,500
  • Jewelry and other: 1,200 DKK
  • Bridesmaid clothes: 1.00 kroner
  • Rings: 6,000 kroner
  • Clothes for the palate: DKK 6,000
  • Flowers and bridal bouquet: 3,000 kroner
  • Table decoration: 2,500 kroner
  • Possibly. photographer: 5,000 kroner
  • Wedding cake: 3,000 kroner
  • Premises: 5,000 kroner
  • Food and serving: DKK 25,000
  • Beverages: 12,000 kroner
  • Invitations and table cards: DKK 1,500
  • Music: 3,000 kroner


This example corresponds to approximately 70 guests, where there are also a few children on the guest list. Of course, a wedding can be made cheaper or more expensive than the above, but it gives you a rough idea of ​​how much you need to borrow.